An alternative to manual execution & OTC


Alternative to OTC for illiquid coins


Price improvement over OTC

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Discretion & confidentiality


Tailored risk profile


Distributed across liquidity pools


Algorithmic execution

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Do you have a large position you want to trade?



Historically you have two options, each with their own significant downsides:

  • Manual trading on an exchange, which is either time consuming or market moving

  • OTC brokers who will execute instantly but at a price significantly worse than the market

AlphaLab provides an alternative to these options: algorithmic execution on a diverse set of exchanges. We can execute any coin traded on an exchange, most of which are not covered by OTC desks.

We can execute large volumes with minimal price impact by using both standard and proprietary algorithms to spread out execution.

In order to cope with the fragmentation crypto markets, our algorithms are designed to trade on any available source of liquidity and integrate multimarket price sources.


Available Algorithms



Volume Weighted Average Price

Posts orders to markets using coin specific historical volume profiles in order to execute the order close to the VWAP over a chosen period of time

Time Weighted Average Price

Posts orders to markets using evenly divided time buckets, with some randomization to reduce gaming risks. Aims to execute a quantity by following a linear volume allocation profile.

Percentage of Volume

Posts orders to markets at a defined percentage of the current market volumes, respecting a target level of participation.


Aims to execute all liquidity proposed at a better price than the limit price while not being visible in the market.

Implementation Shortfall

Aims to minimize the execution cost of an order, trading off the real time market impact cost of the order and the opportunity cost of delayed execution. Increasing participation rate when the price moves favorably and decreasing when the price moves adversely.

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Our Process



Initial Consultation

Initial conversation to:

  • Understand your goals

  • Answer your any questions

  • Select an appropriate algorithm

  • Agree on parameters  

Algorithmic Execution

You maintain custody, AlphaLab executes in your exchange accounts
AlphaLab takes custody and you transfer coins to our accounts in tranches for execution

Reporting & Payment

We provide a detailed post execution report that includes:

  • Execution summary of price, cumulative quantity and exchange fees paid

  • Complete details for every fill for any further analysis

  • Please see next page for a sample execution summary.


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